Anton McClure

This is the home page of Anton McClure for contracted system administrator and webmaster work. If you are looking for another person named "Anton McClure", you'll have to search for that person elsewhere.

If you were looking for my personal personal web site, that is at

As long as you're here, let's work together!

What Do I Do?

I do contracted webmaster and system administration duties. I have experience with several programming languages such as Perl and C/C++, as well as experience hosting Microsoft Windows and POSIX/*nix servers for a variety of use cases. I've been working on personal projects in many of these ways since 2014.

Software is typically custom-coded, and is either command-line based or non-interactive. I am able to provide software written in either Perl or C. If you are interested in what I have to offer, please contact If you want to see a sample of my work, here are some free software scripts along with brief descriptions and download links.

Why Is There Not Much on This Site?

I am not currently seeking outside business. This web page exists primarily to provide basic information for those looking for services. I've also taken the page out of Interrupt Technology Corporation's playbook, so this web page also exists for those who expect every domain to have a Web presence.
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